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Our group is especially for Expats & Repats (and natives if you have travelled long/far stay travel destinations). We all have travelled extensively. In our group we share that we have lived and or worked/studied around the world and somehow landed in Utrecht and share great interest&passion for this city! We are either natives who have returned to NL after extensive travelling or our members origin lies in different parts of the world.


We are a group who go to cultural events and festivals across Utrecht. We enjoy exploring the city and its events, meeting & socializing with other fun, like- minded people!

Activities include, live music events, discover the city, festivals, fairs, concerts, theatre, coffee/tea chats, volunteering, game nights, movie nights, picnics, dinners, go to museum, Dutch language tips and practice evenings, fun activities outside of the typical bar scene.

Keywords: Art, Galleries, Museum, Book, Community, Volunteer, Dance, Deals and Freebies, Festivals, Parades, Film, Movies, Food, Beer, Wine, Spirits, Games, Health, Wellness, Music, Nightlife, Science, Technology, Shows, Cabaret, Comedy, Other Shows, Sports, Travel, Trips, Walks, Hikes, (Cycling)Tours, Coffees and Teas, language exchange

We're always looking for new festive announcements in/around Utrecht and event hosts! just let us know if you want to organise/announce a meetup-

THANK YOU so much for joining, we look forward to meeting you!


New policy, effective from 13 september 2015 :

✅ We are going to handle a ZERO-TOLERANCE on the NO-SHOWs , this means with a no-show you will be removed from the group, after 3 months you can re-register to the group, we will decide banning people from the group if you keep on offending this policy.

Based on experiences we are going to send a stronger signal out about the NO-SHOWs and sign-up's for events:

👎 Latest experience, 3 people signed in and without notice nobody showed up.

👎 Recently, 15 people signed in and only 2 showed up, I had to send messages out via 3 different ways to get a response whether people who'd signed up would join the planned meetup or not.

Only by my efforts of sending emails out i got only some response in of people excusing themselves for not coming to the event, even during or way past the planned meetup time.

👎 In another experience 30 people signed in and only 13 showed up and people showed up who had not signed in for the planned event.

✅ As organisers we just need to know in what number you are coming to our events, and we are not going to make it our job to chase you behind to find out whether you are coming or not!


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