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Stop motion film workshop
All you need is charcoal and your smartphone. In two lessons you learn the use of charcoal, Feel free to use your own idea or follow mine. And make a movie and show it. Charcoal is black burnt wood. This material is easy to handle and the effect is powerful. By adding and erasing in your drawing your drawing starts moving as you keep taking pictures. It’s magic. Anybody with a smartphone can join. A little drawing experience is recommended. Price: € 60,-- Includes all materials. Free consumptions. Address: SAKB building. Ouderkerkerlaan 15, 1185 AB Amstelveen Trainer: Sylvia Waterloo E-mail me at [masked] or call me at[masked] Check out my website : sylviawaterloo.exto.nl


Ouderkerkerlaan 15, 1185 AB · Amstelveen

€ 60,00