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Summer Note: We're taking a quick break over summer as we've got some places to visit, people to see, all that good stuff that happens in summer. We'll be back in late September. If you're looking for a place to do some acro before then, I would suggest Boost which is just on the Amstel. Great place, good open sessions, and lots of awesome people!

Never done acrobatics before? Want to do some exercise by lifting people/flying in the air? This might be the meetup for you. Newbies absolutely welcome!

You will need a basic level of fitness. We will need bases as well as fliers. If you're a base, you will be lifting people using your legs, arms, and whatever else we can find. If you're a flyer, you will be lifted by people. If you're unsure, then try both!

We are a couple from New Zealand, where we used to do casual acrobatics on a regular basis (3-4 years experience). We're able to teach many moves in acrobatics, and will be able to train you a) how to do the moves, and b) how to do them safely.

We will do our utmost best to make sure you are safe and comfortable before doing anything, and of course make sure you know how to do the move too!

If you're already experienced doing acrobatics, then come along as you might be able to help teach new people.

We are paying for the hire through the Gemeente, however we don't expect you to pay a thing (we're doing this for the fun!). Any donations would be greatly appreciated though to help cover the costs.

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