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First Cloud Native meetup: serverless with Microsoft, AWS and Google!

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Wat we doen

AWS Serverless Workshop
Thijs de Vries & Martijn van Dongen

During this hands-on workshop, you will get to learn serverless technologies like the API Gateway, Lambda, S3/DynamoDB, Serverless Application Model (SAM), CodeCommit, CodeBuild and CodePipeline, all at once. You will experience the real power of serverless and its pay-per-request model.

Cloud Native with Google
Constantijn Visinescu

After the short dinner break, Constantijn will give a demo of Google Cloud's Native Services. Including a demo of Container Engine (Kubernetes) at the least, and maybe one on Functions as well. Google Cloud Functions is still in Alpha, so we need approval from Google to share our experiences so far.

Introduction to Azure Functions

Victor Pikula & Sander van den Hoven

Azure Functions can be used for all kind of serverless processing, from processing messages in a queue; handling http requests to acting as a full-fledged REST API. Serverless becomes even more exciting if other solutions are built on top of it. In this session we like to show how a festival bot can be built on top of Azure Functions using the Azure Bot Service.


17:30 Welcome

18:00 AWS Serverless Workshop

19:00 Dinner

19:30 Cloud Native with Google

20:15 Introduction to Azure Functions

20:45 Drinks