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Dutch for Expat Parents with Flowently tutor Angelique
Dear Expat Parent, MEET ANGELIQUE You are welcome to join our meetup group for Expat Parents! From August 11th we will plan actual meetings instead of the previous Skype chats. You can now meet other parents who are in a similar situation, share ideas, tips and other 'issues'. Kids are welcome as well. LEARN DUTCH Our tutor Angelique Proper would be very pleased to answer all your questions and teach you some useful Dutch phrases. If there is enough time she will introduce a Dutch children's book. FREE E-BOOK You can download your free E-book 'Dutch on the go', and take a look at the section 'Dutch for parents'. https://flowently.com/shop/ DUTCH FOR KIDS Can your child use a helping hand to learning Dutch? Flowently provides private tutoring for children as well. A tutor can come to your house and teach Dutch to your child in a playful manner. Available for kids from 3 till 16 years old. Read more https://flowently.com/learn-dutch/for-kids/ Please let us now if you want to join the meetup by sending an email. We look forward to hearing from you. Anja & Angelique

Cafe Nel

Amstelveld 12 · Amsterdam

€ 12,00

Wat we doen

This is an introductory meetup group for expat parents in Amsterdam. How can I communicate with my child's little Dutch friends? What can I say at the playground? How can I help my own child assimilate? Recognize these questions?We can discuss situations you come across, share ideas and solutions, learn some friendly play date language and start feeling more comfortable in every day situations. If you wish we can tell you more about our services. Friday February 13th and 27th, 9.30 -11.00 in Nieuwe Looiersdwarsstraat 9, 1017 TZ Amsterdam. Children welcome too.