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I-CODA SATSANG: GROUP MEETING FOR INTERACTIVE SATSANG WITH BODHISATTVA SHREE SWAMI PREMODAYA - AVAILABLE ONLINE AND AT THE I-CODA CENTER Actual attendance is more than shown in RSVPs. We average 25-40 people in person and online. SATURDAY 8:00PM-9:30PM Satsang with Swami Premodaya either online real-time fully interactive by video or telephone, or in person. For information about the I-CODA Satsang gathering at the I-CODA Brussels Center, call [masked] or e-mail [masked] . (Phone number and email are shown to meetup members. Please join our meetup.) To join online or by telephone, go to http://www.i-coda.org/participating-online These deeply intimate meetings provide the rare opportunity to come together for inner exploration and going beyond the self. Satsang supports and promotes self-knowledge, transformation and true clarity. A brief meditation is followed by question and answer and self-discovery work. We hope you can join us for the powerful experience of Satsang with Swami Premodaya. Cost/Registration: FREE http://www.I-CODA.org To see a video of Swami Premodaya, click here: http://youtu.be/SQhOgsThF3c?list=UUsZWPO-2AC8s3h5S8rEpJzw I-CODA Satsang is hosted by I-CODA - International Centers of Divine Awakening - a non-profit organization dedicated to serving spiritual seekers of any and all traditions and applied practices. I-CODA supports and promotes the growth of the individual's innate spirituality through providing individual guidance, through organizing and holding public events and spiritual retreats, and through disseminating information regarding personal growth, emotional healing, and spiritual awakening. http://www.I-CODA.org/schedule http://www.I-CODA.org/satsang-at-i-coda-los-angeles http://www.I-CODA.org/participating-online

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This is a group for anyone in the Netherlands interested in spiritual teachings, meetings, sessions and workshops given by English speakers. Patricia Ramaer founded this group and we are so happy to offer it because there are so many people out there that want to find like-minded people, who want to have a session or take a workshop and find there is not much given specifically in English. And we let people know about visiting teachers that we truly believe in, cream of the crop! We hope this will be a hub for spiritual events, meetings and classes so that everyone can benefit from these opportunities. If you have meetings, classes or gatherings that would be of interest to to group members, please contact the Organizer so we can arrange for you to post your events. We look forward to sharing!