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Me and my boyfriend live in Amsterdam for a few years already. Last year we got really adventurous and adopted Billy, a 7 year old Lab/ Dachshund mix. We are keen on meeting new people and making friendships. My boyfriend and I are huge food fans, we spend way too much time browsing 9gag, we love music, dogs, movies- we are on a Star Wars Marathon at the moment, we laugh at wrong jokes, read books ( more me than him :D ) we get silly, talk about art ( my boyfriend is an artist while I am a secretary), we are easygoing and do not consume any kinds of drugs.

If you have the same ideals, or just like meeting new people while enjoying home cooked meals, do join us!
We will start off with a group of 6 (including my boyfriend and I).
Our main objective is just to have a good time over food and drinks. There will be a small fee of € 10,- / person; enough to cover costs.
Payment can be made via bank transfer or paypal. (please contact me for details).

We look forward to meeting you :D

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Have a good time over a home cooked dinner, part II

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€ 11,00
Have a good time over a home cooked dinner

Heeft een locatie nodig

€ 10,00