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Sunday-afternoon game development
Dear indie developers, I have been doing my damnest to earn the coveted prize for worst meetup host of the year with a grand total of only two meetups thus far - my sincere apologies! 2018 just kept throwing real life (tm) my way and kept me from what is really important: game development ;) But after having moved house twice, professional changes, etc, etc, I'm finally getting back into the groove of coding, designing and drawing :) On Sunday 18 November I hope you'll join me for a good old-fashioned afternoon of devving in the Crea cafe. The idea is that we'll work on our own projects, exchange ideas, notes, tips, tricks and inspiration. If you're new to the meetup and/or to game development, please do come along. Just bring a laptop, notepad, sketch book; we're a very friendly community and there's always somebody ready to answer your questions and help you on your way in game development. Hope to see many of you soon! Best wishes, Thijs

Crea Cafe

Nieuwe Achtergracht 170 (ACCESS VIA Sarphatistraat) · 1018 WV Amsterdam

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    This is a group for anyone in the Amsterdam area who is making or who is interested in making Independent Video Games. Let's get together and talk game play, development, game art, hardware, engines, business, design and games. Above all, let's inspire each other to make some great games!