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Let's Talk About Lifestyle - Welcoming positive changes in your life!
Hi ladies, we are approaching the beginning of a new year and I feel, not only because of it, that we are about to face a nice period of change. Many of you have just moved to Holland and we can talk about practical novelties in our new lives, but how about focusing on a more profound type of change in our next meeting? Which realities would we like to attract into our new lives? How do we stay open to that? which new mindset would better support us on this new period? How about meeting next time to share our considerations about this topic? During our lifestyle conversation we can share our plans, motivate each other and even go for a healthy walk afterwards.🍃 Who dares?

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P.C. Hooftstraat 183 1071 BW Amsterdam · Amsterdam

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Welcome to Amsterdam!

This group is for Expat (or Dutch) international women in Holland.

If you have an international mindset and want to meet other like-minded women who are open for life, this is your space.

We like to empower each other, learn together and talk about the challenges of being an international woman in Holland.

Career, man, motherhood, self-confidence. Also laughter, lifestyle, making friends and girls-talk.