Volgende Meetup

Amsterdam Introvert Social Club Hotel de Hallen
Let's meet at the cafe to share a working/reading/studying space without necessarily having to socialize. We come when we want and we leave when we want. This is an introvert meetup so please respect everyone's boundaries and individuality.

Hotel De Hallen

Bellamyplein 47, Oud West, 1053 AT · Amsterdam

Wat we doen

There is a widely spread misconception that introverted or ambiverted people are completely fine without any social interaction. Truth is, they often actually really enjoy being in a small group of people and cherish their acquaintances and friends…as long as the setting is quiet and interaction is not forced. Meetup is awesome but sometimes feels a little overwhelming. If you recognize yourself in this, maybe you should join the Amsterdam Introverts Social Club.

We meet for coffee or for drinks. We organize reading sessions in which…well…we feel free to sit together in a cafè and read or write. We bring our coloring books, notes, knits, diys. We speak when we feel like. We leave when we want. You are welcome to join us. (Extraverts are obviously welcome too)

The Social Club wishes to be a warm, safe space for everyone (regardless of gender, sexual orientation, age, religious and political beliefs), in order to keep it so please respect everyone's boundaries and individuality. We like our boundaries! So respect them, or respectfully leave.