Wat we doen

"When the wind of change rises, some people build walls, others, windmills." Its high tide for small inventions that can give big meaning, this starts with traditional Dutch Knutselen, Lego, Plastic, Tools, Wood, Glass, VR, AR, Light, Led, Greenculture, Renewables.

I started this group to give some momentum to some inventions that need social engagement and development and active engagement. If you are interested in,

*Renewable energy engineering----autonomous living

*Led and light-----colour

*VR and AR, editing video and 3D

*Inhouse Horticulture

*App design, and development

*Sound frequencies, vibratology

Entry fee is 12€, the basic tools are here, but all tools are welcome and needed, mostly because you know what you need. Due to the size of the space, the group is small, private and discriminate. Bring your laptop and any tool you might need, storage is provided. Food and drinks are available for a compensation, but you can bring your own...

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