Wat we doen

Have you always wanted to know more about investing and trading the stock market but don't trust the media or the big banks to give you the best advice? Please join me in discussing the stock market and enjoy a free copy of my e-book: Money is Power! How Practice Makes Profits ~ Mastering the Stock Market vol I from my website http://moneyispower.eu/ . The book explains the basics of stock trading for the new beginner as well as my early development on my own methodology in 375 pages with 100+ chart graphics taken from real world charts.

This group is for anyone interested in learning about investing and trading the stock market, from the beginner who has never traded as well as the more experienced. However, the focus is going to be on people who want to learn the basics and how they can gain experience trading and not loose lots of money. Practicing using online games is the safest and easiest way for the beginner to learn how to trade the stock market.

We will be discussing investing and the many different choices available. From stocks to futures to options and real estate, there are many types of investing. This group allows independent traders to exchange ideas and learn different trading strategies from each other by sharing knowledge and experiences.

The few people who seem to understand investing are hard to find and yet so many more wish to learn, this meetup group is an attempt to bring these two groups closer together and to share knowledge.