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Hello fellow Lunchers!

Amsterdam is a very dynamic city with lots of freelancers, students, entrepreneurs, stay-at-home-parents and others, that don´t work at an normal 9-5 job in an office. To not work in an office can sometimes be lonely as there are few to interact wit, or have lunch with. Sitting at home eating alone or at a cafe can become very tedious over time.

And that is why Amsterdam Lunch MeetUp was created!! A MeetUp group for people who would like to have lunch together somewhere in Amsterdam. So if you are interested, sign up and lets do lunch :-)

The Lunch MeetUps have proven quite popular so far. Its appears there are many people in the same boat as me who miss someone to have lunch with during the day.

We try to visit somewhere new every week, usually on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you have any suggestions for restaurants to visit or any other tips, please let us know! Also if you can never join on the weekdays we arrange, let us know, and we´ll try to arrange it on another day also. We like to keep this group very informal, so any suggestions is welcome. If you are interested in joining arranging lunches you are also more than welcome :-)

Some experience from the previous editions:

- In order to keep the group small and manageable we´ve will set the limit of spots to 15 for now, unless we are going somewhere with lots of space.

- There will always be some last minute cancellations due to unforeseen things, therefore if you cannot come, please RSVP No, so that people on the waiting-list can join. Those of you on waiting list, please check an hour or half-hour before if a space opened up

- People will come and go at different times and we also don´t want to overwhelm the kitchen, so we don´t wait for everyone to come before people start to order.

- Easiest way to handle the bill if for everyone to pay for what they ate and drank (if the cafe wants to handle this with one big bill or several small ones I will let you know at the event)

- The organizers may take photos during the events then publish them on the website of Meetup. By joining this Meetup group, you agree to be photographed and that the organizers publish the photos.