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Do you have difficulties finding balance between tension and relaxation?
Do you often feel tired?
Many women feel they need to do a lot of things at the same time. They’re busy, feel under pressure and aim for perfection. How to get more energy?
Relaxation and restfulness are valuable and precious. We could find inner strength and energy by using these to find our balance.

Music is an enjoyable tool to achieve this.

By practicing special music exercises, it’s possible to adapt silence and receive energy.
Used components are: relaxing music and sound as well as actively playing with simple instruments, voice, breathing and movement. This workshop is about adapting music, not learning how to play music. It’s not necessary to have any experience with music, like playing an instrument or singing. It’s designed for women and will take place in Amsterdam and Utrecht.
There will be weekly sessions, and you’re free to choose when and how often you’d like to join.
More information about location and costs: www.klankzaadje.com