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Pre-Conflict Control Peaceful Self-Defense is based on the techniques and principles of the Japanese martial art Aikido.

Aikido seeks to resolve conflicts without undue force or damaging the opponent. The main problem is that you have to train for years to get to a level where you can use your skills for self-defense. Pre-Conflict Control studied the most common grabs and attacks and selected the best suited Aikido technique. These techniques were modified by Pre-Conflict Control to allow people without martial arts experience to quickly master the techniques and provide tools to remember them in stressful situations.

Aikido uses the force of the opponent, so it’s not necessary for students to be strong or even fit. That makes Pre-Conflict Control Peaceful Self-Defense suited for people with physical limitations. Since the philosophy behind Aikido is to end the conflict without harming the opponent, it's often called the 'Art of Peace'. Pre-Conflict Control Peaceful Self-Defense is aimed at individuals who want to adhere to the principles of 'non-violence' while defending themselves with compassion and respect for their fellow human beings.

The Pre-Conflict Control Peaceful Self-Defense Meetup group is organized around training sessions in physical self-defense. No prior skill in martial arts is necessary to complete the first module. For subsequent modules, it's necessary to train the techniques taught in the previous Pre-Conflict Control Peaceful Self-Defense training modules. Training sessions will be located in Amsterdam, but are open to everyone. Instruction will be in Dutch and English.


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