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Scrabble Afternoon
Come along for a few games of Scrabble at the Amstelveen Library's cafe, where they have delightful pastries, cakes, coffee and sandwiches. Beginners are also welcome and I can teach you the game. Over the next few week, some of the regular players will be travelling, and so it helps to know well in advance if you intend to come and play. If enough players haven't RSVPed, then I can cancel the event and do something else instead.

Bibliotheek Amstelveen Stadsplein

Stadsplein 102 · Amstelveen

RSVP's sluiten op: 20-10-2018

Wat we doen

Everyone knows the word HEATING, but did you know that its anagram is GAHNITE (a mineral)? Or that a cross between a cow and a yak is called a ZO (also spelled ZHO, DZO, DZHO, DSO, female ZHOMO or JOMO)? Scrabble helps expand your vocabulary beyond the few thousand everyday words you know. And it encourages strategic thinking. Come play this wonderful game!

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