Wat we doen

You are invited to join our Sister Circles at my home in De Pijp, each new moon.

My vision is to create a safe and loving space for us to come together in connection and playfulness to share support and get in inspired together.

These Sister Circle are aligned with Unify’s #GlobalSisterhood themes each month, and there are other circles running all over the world, sharing and uniting in a common theme.

This is about sisters, daughters, grandmothers lifting each other to blanket the world in love and connection. Together, we will be igniting the Divine Feminine, Global Sisterhood, and Inner Peace.

Come as you are. Bring your friends.

Lets build a tribe together here in Amsterdam. Come along, join in and lets see what unfolds.

With love


ps you can find the Facebook page for the global movement that inspired me to set up this circle here:


And our Amsterdam Sister Circle here:



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