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Lessons learned using Databricks and Data APIs and Quality Assurance @ Adyen

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Simon Carmiggeltstraat 6-50 · Amsterdam

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Register at the front desk. The meetup takes place on the second floor

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Hi all, I'm happy to announce another Spark Meetup.
This time Jelle Munk from Adyen will talk about their Data Api used by DS to analyse payment data. His collegue Serge Smertin will talk about automated data schema testing, and Niels Zeilemaker from GoDataDriven will talk about the lessons he learned while using DataBricks at Dynniq.

The meetup will take place/is sponsored by Adyen.

Agenda: 18:00: Arrive, mingle, food, drinks etc.
18:45: Data API - Jelle Munk The Adyen Data Api provides an easy and consistent interface for all our data scientists and analysts to analyse payment data at scale. During this presentation we dive into how we use Spark Dataframes to make these dynamic views and how we solved the problems we found along the way.
19:00: Quality assurance for data science platform - Serge Smertin During this presentation we'll share how we keep our data science processes up to reasonable level of quality control, still allowing rapid changes to data processing pipelines. We'll cover the topic of automated code and data schema testing as well as fast forwarding changes to code running within notebook infrastructure.
19:45: Lessons learned while using DataBricks at Dynniq - Niels Zeilemaker
21:00: End of the meetup/everybody out

Hope to see you there, Niels