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Dockyard & Mystic Garden Festival ADE 2018
Both festivals share the same general entrance. It is possible to walk back and forth from one event to the other. Send me a private message via this application with your phone number and I will create a WhatsApp group before the event so we can make an initial plan and meeting point. Reference: https://m.facebook.com/events/219432055508091 Dockyard Festival ADE 2018's brazen and industrial energy joins forces with her sister, the Mystic Garden Festival in an unprecedented marriage of dark and light- industrial v.s. fairyland! This coming ADE you can walk through the Golden Gates of the Mystic Garden and be a part of Dockyard’s thunderous, industrial dystopia all in the same day! This coming ADE 2018's edition of Dockyard will exceed even last year's splendor; full of colorful surprises and spectacular performances, this year's Dockyard Festival at ADE will surpass everyone's wildest expectations. °A-Z per stage ◤DOCKYARD pres. Cocoon ⁃ Boris Werner ⁃ Dana Ruh ⁃ EgbertLIVE ⁃ Ilario Alicante ⁃ Johannes Volk (live) ⁃ Len Faki ⁃ Sven Väth ◤DOCKYARD pres. Machine ⁃ Ben Sims ⁃ Blasha & Allatt ⁃ Blawan ⁃ Dax J ⁃ Kirk Degiorgio ⁃ Robert Hood // Floorplan ⁃ Sandrien ◤DOCKYARD pres. Mindshake Records ⁃ Apollonia ⁃ Cuartero ⁃ Fer BR b2b Dela ⁃ Paco Osuna ⁃ **VERY SPECIAL GUEST** ⁃ Technasia Feel the thunder and become a part of Dockyard's musical dystopia!!! Wander to the other side through the open Gates of the Garden... 🌺MYSTIC GARDEN 🌺pres. A.T.E. ↠ Andres Campo ↠ Eats Everything ↠ FRANK STORM ↠ Gregor Tresher (live) ↠ Matador ↠ Skream ↠ wAFF 🌺MYSTIC GARDEN 🌺pres. Gem Records ↠ Christian Smith ↠ Enrico Sangiuliano ↠ Luigi Madonna ↠ Nakadia ↠ Pig&Dan ↠ Ramon Tapia ↠ Secret Cinema ↠ SQL 🌺MYSTIC GARDEN 🌺pres. Terminal One ↠ _Unsubscribe_ ( Dave Clarke b2b Mr. Jones ) ↠ Dispar Vulgo ↠ Joran van Pol ↠ Markantonio b2b Roberto Capuano ↠ Mirella Kroes ↠ The Advent vs. Industrialyzer (live)


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This is a group for people who consider techno music to be a passion and an important part of life. Not for the mere passer-by, we've been around the block with techno and know a thing or two about where to go and what to do. It's also nice to be able to keep in touch with fun folks between parties.

For newcomers who want to learn about the best of the best in techno, this is the right group and these are the right people to know. Most of our events do not overlap with those of the Amsterdam Dance Events meetup, of which many of us are also members, because we focus on (you guessed it) TECHNO.

Our focus will be on events in Amsterdam. For events in other cities in the Netherlands or other cities around the world, please join our group Techno Travelers, also on Meetup.