Wat we doen


Welcome Uke Enthusiasts,

For all Ukulele players and enthusiasts in the Amsterdam area.
Let's get together to play Ukulele songs!

The Ukulele Club of Amsterdam is a club of local uke players and a bass player that meets up weekly for a club evening.

If you are a beginner we’d like to welcome you to the Uke Beginnings classes at the Uke Boutique (http://www.ukeboutique.nl/lessons/). If you are not sure if the Uke is something for you, you can start out with one class.

The club meetings are good to attend if you have a level of intermediate or have been playing for about 4 to 5 months and / or have taken 10 classes with Candace from the Uke Boutique.
Also see the Next-level group classes on Tuesday and Thursday at the Uke Boutique.

Community events: Ukulele Workshops and Lifestyle retreat
We plan to make this meetup a nice Ukulele community in Amsterdam, where you can feel at home and express yourself to the music and meet other Ukulele enthusiasts.
Ukulele Workshops, Lifestyle Retreats, we'll announce here and on the Ukulele Club website (https://ukuleleclub.org/).

Also see the Ukulele Club site (https://ukuleleclub.org/) to use the Ukulele song finder.

Hope to see you soon, in one of the classes or at the club meetup!

Kind regards,

Candace and Carla