Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

During the Amsterdam Webdevelopment Masterclasses we organize a monthly 2-hour web development masterclass. The coming months we will cover everything to setup, build and deploy a web-app. Each session consists of a 45 min presentation and an hour to get your hands dirty yourself. There is plenty of opportunity to talk to us and the other members and get all your questions answered. In the coming meetups we will cover both front- and back-end topics such as; VCS, workflow automation (Gulp, Grunt and NPM scripts, packages (Bower, NPM), Browserify & Webpack, Browsersync, compile), scaffolding & generators, running local servers, virtualisation & machine setup. Choosing your framework (Angular, Ember, React) or templating engine (Jade, Mustache, Nunjucks, EJS), creating, maintaining and updating a styleguide. How to create reusable components (for styleguide and code in general). Security, deployment, debugging and reporting, testing, statistics and tagmanagers will close the loop.

After this quick introduction to all of these topics we will decide (together with you!) what topics require in-depth masterclasses. We hope to see you soon!