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Discover, enjoy and uncomplicate wine together with fellow wine lovers! We organize meetups and events with surprising themes, in a laid-back atmosphere and a no-nonsense attitude. Either you’re a wine connoisseur, a wine rookie or just a happy wine drinker, feel free to join us! Only wine snobs are banned ;-) In our gatherings, we learn more about wine, explore and drink good wines, mingle with wine enthusiasts, teach the newbies, and learn from the experts. We believe wine is a beautiful thing that has been inspiring and bringing people together for centuries. All the more why it should be enjoyed by more and more people. But for many, the complicated world of wine, and the often snobbish wine industry makes it difficult to explore and enjoy wine to the full. We say no more! Wine to the people!

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BYOW (Bring Your Own Wine) picnic at the park!

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Wines from where wine started!

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