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Wat we doen

Dear Ruby friends 🚀,

It's that third Tuesday of the month again, time for your fabulous Ruby meetup!

We have two inspiring talks, some food and beverages. Please communicate your dietary restrictions with Arno, Rayta, Floor or Tom - @amsrb (on Twitter).

AppSignal is happy to host and feed us ❤️📊

Since we enjoy a diverse audience, please bring a +1.


18:00 - Doors open

18:30 - Food arrives 🥦🍟🍕🍖

19:00 - Start
19:10 - Pieter Lange (@kuberpieters), OSS Cloud Native Engineer / Kubernetes at Fullstaq, ex Nerdalize, ex Snow, Cloud Native Amsterdam, and Kubernetes Addicts organizer, on how Ruby devs can make the lives of their ops people easier / better / more enjoyable.


19:55 - Noah Berman (@additionaltext), Security Engineer and a familiar face at the meetup, will come speak about the Hippocratic license, how it came about, what it means, what one should consider, ALL THE THINGS

20:25-21:00 - Networking and drinks

This location is mostly accessible. There is a small step people in wheelchairs will need help with to access the toilets. We are ready to help you with this. Love to see you and your +1

Arno, Floor, Tom & Rayta