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Bootcamp training
The first lesson is FREE We gather at a different spot every time. The spot will be announced someday during the week For more info check http://www.iamgin.nl

Amsterdamse bos

Grote Speelweide 5 1182 AD Amstelveen · Amsterdam

€ 10,00

Wat we doen

For everybody who _______

• Loves sports outdoor

• Likes to monitor their results (Are you getting stronger/faster/etc.?)

• Accepts challenges

• Is committed

• Likes diversity and variation

• Want to have loads of fun during the workout

What do we do in this bootcamp group

Every lesson is different, unique and challenging.

We do SAQ Speed Agility Quickness using cones, speedladder and mini hurdles. This improves your movement. You get quicker and more agile.

We use bodyweight, partners and small fitness equipment to train.

A training can include a game element to increase the fun-level.

Every class there will be a High Intensity Interval Training of 8 minutes. This is the ultimate challenge of the workout and will end the class.

If you are ready, we'll monitor your results.

In the winter we minimize the full body touches with the ground. No need to lay in mud to do an exercise. Reason: Safety! Winter is cold you need to stay warm. Avoid slippery ground to prevent injuries. But hey! You're always free to make a big belly-slide in the muddy grass ;)

Every lesson is at a different location to maximize the availability and freedom of outdoor training.

The trainer has a first aid certification and always carries a first aid bag.

More about this group on facebook (https://www.facebook.com/iAmTrainerGin).

Once in a while there is a special meet-up! This is a secret meet-up and is only available for hard-working bootcampers with commitment.

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