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School of AI Antwerp is part of a global initiative to launch an AI learning community. Initiated by the most popular AI channel on youtube (Siraj).
We will come together regularly and organize informative sessions on AI. Anyone with an interest in AI, Deep multi-agent RL expert or mnist noob, is more than welcome. From learners, for learners.
With AI innovations moving so fast, and with the tendency for AI researchers to open-source their work, it's hard to digest everything on your own. So let's learn & work together and keep up with what's going on.

- Presentations from AI experts
- Tutorials on a specific topic or paper
- Hackethons
- Leaderbords and monthly competitions

Stay tuned for more information, and our opening event.

Get involved and join us on Slack: http://bit.ly/Antwerp_School_of_AI

- We're currently talking to different parties to find a venue in the center of Antwerp (ideas are welcome).
- We're planning to host our first meetup in October

Anyone, willing to help out by presenting or co-organizing a session, feel free to reach out.
I'm hoping to set up a core organizing team.


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