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You are a (potential) start-up, social enterprise or a business entrepreneur: an ambitious professional who knows what she/he wants, however you have the sense insecurities holds you back in this volatile, uncertain, complex and dynamic society?

Practicing improvisation skills could be the way to get closer to your authentic self and your dream(s).

*low threshold,
*experience on the spot,
*translated to the (work)practice and
*applicable in daily (work)life. The workshops has been practiced by 80 senior, medior and young professionals and got graded with 83%! Alumni's experience who benefits from this training:

• Businesses: a nice and relaxing way of improving communication and innovative processes. • Great fun, and because it stimulates social interaction and warmth between people and it could help you further in personal development.
• Friends, family and colleges. Out of the box, fun, it’s a good opener for conversations otherwise wouldn’t start.
• For groups that like to improve their collaboration.
• A nice, energetic, dynamic training, that takes you out of your comfort zone, without it is being scary.
• For young and senior, for everyone it is resourceful.
• You learn to think from another perspective, because you get conscious about your (95%) behavioural mechanisms/patterns.
• People that want to switch careers or want to get promotion.

Quotes: Cees van Gent (senior advisor/consultant) “Jessica leads the workshop in a professional, but easy going and informal way. This makes everyone prepared to take risks, make mistakes (because you ‘have to’), to listen and to give. We had a lot of fun during the exercises. I have learned a lot. The most impressive for me was the fantastic group dynamic that aroused”.

Fred Gouwerok (software developer): “Jessica forsters a comfortable atmosphere and activates the group with nice and and educative assignments. Results: an experience that sticks!

www.knowledgeactivator.com (http://www.knowledgeactivator.com/workshop-session-1-live-without-handbrake/)
Facebook page (http://goo.gl/4JJxkw)