Azure Thursday - November 2019

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17:30 - Food and networking
18:30 - Session 1 - 21st Century Religion by Stuart van der Lee
19:15 - Break
19:30 - Session 2 - Building and managing landing zones with Azure Blueprints and Azure DevOps by Wesley Haakman
20:15 - Drinks & networking
21:00 - End

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Session 1:
Speaker: Stuart van der Lee
Title: 21st Century Religion

In this talk, Stuart will show you how easy it is to use Azure Cognitive Services with the Microsoft Bot Framework. You’ll see how you can set up your own chatbot, LUIS instance and QnA Maker knowledge base in Azure and use them to add some Artificial Intelligence to your chatbot. We’ll take a look at some snazzy features of the Microsoft Bot Framework and we’ll walk through the the LUIS and QnA Maker portals.

Session 2:
Speaker: Wesley Haakman
Title: Building and managing landing zones with Azure Blueprints and Azure DevOps

Infrastructure as Code doesn’t have to be complicated. But getting started can be quite overwhelming. During this session we’ll go from a design first approach with Azure Blueprints to a fully automated deployment with Blueprints as Code and Azure DevOps. Based on a use case Wesley will take you through the steps required to build and manage your landing zones and implement guard rails early in the process. We will look at both single tenant as multi customer (cross-tenant) scenarios leveraging Azure Lighthouse technologies.