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Let’s go Beyond Banking!

Banking as you know it is about to become a concept of the past. New technologies, (fintech) startups, changing customer behavior and regulations force banks to respond and shift to a new era. With the Beyond Banking Days on June the 9th, 10th and 11th, ABN AMRO kicked of the process to start a new way of banking; where bank employees, developers, clients and startups meet; where everybody will be given the bank’s building blocks to create something new. We would very much like to continue discovering what will happen when we all come together and set the next steps Beyond Banking.Now that we’ve had a first taste of the results that can be achieved, we’re more motivated than ever to build on the movement we've started!

So, join the community and be part of the change!

We’ll meet Beyond BankingRead our full story here (https://beyondbanking.nl/p/our-story)