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An upcoming regular event for people interested in Big Data, whether you are professionals in the field, enthusiasts, or students looking to build your career in that direction. We'll host interesting talks from industry experts, a focus on both business and technical aspects of big data, and plenty of time for beer and networking!

Big Data Berlin is hosted and managed by Dataconomy Media GmbH. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qipAkjs6oVw)

Please get in touch with events@dataconomy.com if you would like to get involved!


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What is art, in the age of AI? (Part 1: Music)

Mindspace Krausenstraße

"But the fact that we can build airplanes that fly faster and higher than birds does not necessarily explain how birds fly, or how they evolved to fly," says Peter Ulric Tse, a neuroscientist at Dartmouth College. Computational creativity is a multidisciplinary endeavour that is located at the intersection of the fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive psychology, philosophy, and the arts. In the last decade, we have experienced art being created through AI algorithms in all aspects of the creative field: from ai generated music (Daddy’s Car, a Beatles-style Song which Sony’s AI research team in 2017) to AI generated paintings (Portrait of Edmond Belamy (detail) created by GAN) and movie trailers (IBM Watson cognitive platform was used for the first ever AI-created movie trailer) and movies that won awards (see Sunspring, that got screened at the 48-Hour Film Challenge of the Sci-Fi London film festival). Art, previously the exclusive domain of human creativity, is transforming into something new. Are machines capable of creating art? What does it take to be creative? Is it the time we redefine art and creativity? On October 23rd at 6:30PM, Art+Tech Meetup gathers musicians and AI gurus to talk about where AI leads music creation. Join us for an evening of inspiring talks, relaxed networking and drinks. Agenda: 18h00 Doors open 18h30 Opening speech by Art + Tech meetup creators (Elena Poughia & Evgeniya Panova) 18h40 Panel discussion with experts 19h45 Q&A 20h00 Drinks & networking If you are interested in speaking at this meetup, reach out to us at [masked]

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Data Natives Berlin v 20.0

Mindspace Krausenstraße