Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

The goal or these Bit-Borrels is to have a social gathering of developers and geeks in Groningen. We have observed that it can be hard to meet new people with the same interests, other than your direct colleagues, and to catch up with old friends or colleagues to whom you haven’t spoken for a while. Bit-borrel intends to change that!

This group is dedicated to bring IT-personnel together, away from their screens, into a comfortable social setting to have a nice chat outside of their usual workplace: discussing the week, having a chat about Scala or maybe doing some brainstorming on a bug which has been bothering you.

The meetup is primarily focused on software engineers, but everyone is welcome to join. At the moment, in order to prevent over-stimulation of this thing called social interaction, we're planning to have a Bit-Borrel every two months.