Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

We are a new group located in eindhoven.

monthly meetups to get up to date in the crypto currency world !

information about :

Wallets, how to recover etc.

mining bitcoins & alt-coins

How do exchanges work (buying & selling bitcoins & alt-coins)

regulation, laws around the world

converting crypto money in Euro's

Sponsoring always welcome ! Please donate here :

1FPkgERWUAMhM98h7xfTbpAut8cMgyoZxM (Bitcoin)

1QEr3QZzc4KhU1jR8JDtpB1H7bU2cwfWJ7 (bitcoin Cash)

LZu18Pmjy83eLqqMDZ3iPnxFdFR27wqJRB (Litecoin)