Chaos Engineering: The fine art of breaking stuff in production on purpose

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Have you ever been called out of bed because the high available system you run wasn't that high available as everyone thought? Or did you spend weekends doing manual fail over tests together with everyone in your team on standby?

These are things Chaos Engineering is trying to avoid. The idea of Chaos Engineering is that teams are in in control of their production environment. Being in control allows you to do experiments in production like killing servers, increase network latency or databases to see how your system is able to recover from it without impacting end users.

In this session we'll cover the basics of chaos engineering, practices of creating an architecture and system that allows for experimenting in production and how you can start doing this in your own environments.

17.30 Welcome with buffet
18.30 Introduction
18.45 Session
20.00 Drinks

About Geert van der Cruijsen
Geert is a DevOps Consultant, Cloud native architect and full cycle developer working for Xpirit in the Netherlands who helps development teams build better software by coaching and helping them hands on. Geert loves improving teams on all aspects, from software craftsmanship to cloud native architecture and agile practices. He's spends most of his time tinkering with Azure, DevOps practices and cloud native architectures.