Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

Hello Sisters,
Do you have an interest in spirituality and personal development? Join a small group of women to meet each month to share and connect with inspirational and awakening life experiences. You have a chance to share your thoughts and opinions, feelings and sentiments in a supportive and safe heart-centered sisterhood space.

This is an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve by developing life-changing skills and conversing with like-minded women. I facilitate the group and encourage people to dive deeper (when comfortable) into their own personal meaning and experience from life and how it may have effected/ changed/ contributed to their spiritial/ or personal growth . Let's connect, embrace, accept and empowering our sisterhood!

This group will meet once a month (just for now) but I am also going to schedule fun activities/events/seminars to support self-love and growth.

It is all about:

Loving ourselves

Be conscious about our feelings

Take responsibilities for our actions

Embrace life

Unconditional love


Health approach to mind, body and soul

Share experiences

Empowering sexuality


Female Energy


Law of attraction


Live Laugh and Love
Michelle Paz