The Why(?) and What(!) of Sleep

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On Thursday March 14th 2019, Team Quantified Self Cambridge returns with an expanded and energised team! Our resolution for 2019 is to organise a small number of great meetups, on topics that touch all of us and the world we live in.

We would like to start with a hot topic that keeps many people awake at night: sleep!

We are seeking 3 presentations or pitches, by researchers, students, entrepreneurs or other experts, who have a special or personal story to share on the topic of sleep, in the here and now, or the future. If you want to participate in our 2019 kickoff event or free share any thoughts, comments or questions, please contact the team. Further details will follow.

We are looking forward to delivering a great event in Cambridge city centre on Thursday 14th March.

Happy holidays and best wishes for the new year!

Team Quantified Self Cambridge
Daniel Ives, Marco Zoltan Daroczi and Marcel van der Kuil