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Who wants to go at Dance Amsterdam Event on 17/18 of october :)

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    Keen to check out what the Dutch clubbing scene has to offer? Itching to hit the dancefloor this weekend but find clubbing solo a little too daunting? Attended a party that ended early and you're still not ready to call it a night? Wanna party with like-minded folks and make new friends? Whether you're an expat, a Dutch, or anything in between, we welcome you all. Join us for a night out in one of Amsterdam's fine clubs.

    I am leaving Holland soon and I plan to leave with a bang by partying till I drop. I started this group for the simple reason of finding party buddies who would like to join me for a night of clubbing every weekend as it's just so much more fun partying with friends than hitting a club alone.

    I also belong to several other meetup groups and while I thoroughly enjoy their events and plan on continuing to participate in, recommend and support them, none of them organize dance events regularly enough for my current appetite. The purpose of this group is more to fill in the gaps on nights where there isn't much going on to keep me entertained. On nights however where there are DJ or dance events going on with my favourite groups where I myself will be participating, I will not be planning any events but will instead steer everyone to the events run by these groups.

    Most of the time we will first gather in a pub or bar before heading to the clubs together between 11 PM to midnight as that's usually when the party starts to heat up. The location of the pubs will usually be either close to the club's location or the location of another meetup group's current pub event that I'm also attending. This is a great chance for everyone to mingle with people both from our group and other awesome groups before we start our own party.

    I'm not ambitious about the turnouts and would be just as happy hitting the clubs be it with 50 or with just 3. Some of my best party memories came from partying all night long with only 2 - 3 awesome folks. My goal is at the end of the night, we would not only have had a memorable clubbing night, but we'd also have met new interesting people and gotten acquainted with other awesome meetup groups.

    Ready to ditch your inhibitions to join me this weekend and dance your week day blues away?

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