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How To Get Your Site Hacked with Michael Kubiaczyk
Save the date! We will add more information soon. # The talks During the first hour, we will review the common types of vulnerabilities found in web applications (such as in the OWASP Top 10 list), followed by a brief demonstration of how a web application penetration test is typically conducted -- the tools and methodologies followed by security consultants worldwide. During the second hour, we will discuss what "red teaming" means, and walk through a red teaming exercise based on a real investigation conducted by Secura, showing how security consultants were able to gain access to the most sensitive parts of an organization's internal network. # About Michael Michael has been working in the security industry for over 11 years, focusing on web application penetration testing and code review mostly within the financial sector. His experience includes working directly for international organizations in Canada, Ireland, The Netherlands, and Australia, as well as working for consulting firms and delivering security advice to small and medium sized organizations on a variety of topics.

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    Hey all, we are starting a new meetup. Why another meetup?

    Designing and implementing software seems to be on the edge of entering a new paradigm nowadays. Choice has probably never been so abundant at so many levels. Not only functional programming languages are on the rise, but thrown into the mix are container technologies, Big Data, distributed computing, a myriad of database solutions and the thing called microservice, something that doesn’t even have a clear definition, but only has characteristics.

    But what does this all mean?

    Frankly, we don’t know yet. But we’re keen on finding out. If you are also interested, please feel free to join!