Wat we doen

Are you willing to embark on a journey of empowerment, growth and transformation?

Do you dare to go beyond your comfort zone, preferences, personal agenda and limitations?

This group is not about being nice and avoiding uncomfortable situations. This group is a life changing group. This group is not for everyone, you have to be ready for it and to be excited to get real and clear about yourself!

You have to be willing to go for it no matter what, to want to know the TRUTH about yourself.

No one else can tell or experience it for you.

You are the only one who can do it and it requires YOUR will, YOUR courage and YOUR commitment.

If you dare to go for it and commit to this group:

-You will learn to observe your assumptions, believes, bottom lines and resistances you may have with yourself, others or life.
-You will go beyond your own concerns, blockages, constrictions or reactions.
-You will push out your boundaries.
-You will start freeing yourself from your life story.
-You will get rid of what is not you or yours becoming more powerful and authentic.
-You will get the chance to actualize your life goals, change your behaviour and actions.
-You will learn to change your relation to yourself, others and life.

If you do not dare to undergo this challenge, do not worry, you can always stay in your comfort zone, maintaining the concept of your old self and the stories you have always told yourself;-).

However, if you are really interested becoming part of the group, feel to come to our previews:

First Preview on Tuesday, September 20th (19 p.m.)

Second Preview on Tuesday, September 27th (19 p.m.)

Previews will be hosted at Buurtboerderij “Ons Genoegen” in the Westerpark in Amsterdam: Address Spaarndammerdjik 319, 1014 AA Amsterdam. https://www.google.nl/maps/place/Buurtboerderij+Ons+Genoegen/@52.3909183,4.8605412,15z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0x5bf791411c7ed7f!8m2!3d52.3909183!4d4.8605412

Practicalities & costs

The consciousness course will take place twice a month. There will be no financial cost other than eventually the rental costs of the course location which will be shared by the participants (the course is definitely non-profit!). Our first intention is to avoid those costs by hosting the courses in different places, living rooms, etc.

Bear in mind this keeping their word, and at some point enrolling others into the next group and a weekend workshop. They should know from the beginning that this is their “payment” so in that sense it is not “free.” It requires them giving as well as getting, and this is also a core principle that helps change their self-experience and lives.

If you feel a FULL YES and you are sure you want to want to commit to empower yourself, we will start with the course on Tuesday, October 4th (19 p.m.) probably at Buurtboerderij “Ons Genoegen” (see address above). If you want to know more, have questions or you wish to join the course send us an email or give us a call: Laura Tomas: latoji@hotmail.com (0657640219) or to Heiko van der Linden: hjvanderlinden@hotmail.com (0636124532).

Do you have anything better to do than getting to know who you really are and get the best out yourself, others and life? Don’t think, just sign up. The rest will happen by itself.

Heiko & Laura

Vorige evenementen (12)

Consciousness group meetings (twice a month)

Buurtboerderij “Ons Genoegen" (Westerpark)

Experience reality.Do we know really know who we are?

Buurtboerderij “Ons Genoegen" (Westerpark)

Concept vs Experience. Consciousness group meetings (twice a month)

Buurtboerderij “Ons Genoegen" (Westerpark)

Consciousness group STARTS 2017 WITH: YOUR BEST YEAR YET!

Buurtboerderij “Ons Genoegen" (Westerpark)