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17:30 - 18:30 Walk-in
18:00 Food & drinks
18:30 Steef Burghouts & Frank Folsche - Continuous delivery for mobile apps
19:30 Break
20:00 Bas Bakkenes & Stefan Koppelaar - Splunk4DevOps
21:30 Wrapping up

Location, food & drinks brought to you by: Luminis Amsterdam

Steef Burghouts & Frank Folsche - Luminis - Continuous delivery for mobile apps

Continuous delivery for mobile apps is already available for a long time. However, to our surprise we noticed that not many teams have implemented this in their CI/CD pipeline. In this talk we are going to explain why this is important, how it works and how easy it is to implement it. We are going to focus on Fastlane as the CD tool an VSTS (Visual Studio Team Services) as the CI/CD environment. If we have time, we can look at MS appcenter.

Bio Frank:
I'm a fullstack .NET developer who is always looking for new opportunities. For the last few years I have been working a variety of projects using technologies such as Angular, Xamarin and Azure. Currently my focus is on Xamarin and Azure to build great native apps and host this in a scalable environment.

Bio Steef:
Steef is a Java engineer working for Luminis Arnhem. As a developer, Steef strives to be as lazy as possible. Because as you probably know, the three great virtues of a programmer are Laziness, Impatience and Hubris.

Bas Bakkenes & Stefan Koppelaar - CinqICT - Splunk4DevOps

After a short dive into the world of Big Data and Splunk with real world examples of use cases out the field we are going to explore the possibilities to use big data for DevOps with Splunk. Our small DevOps environment (with Docker and Jenkins) will be used to change our demo program and with Splunk default apps and extended integration we monitor the whole progress. As a final part we can see how the new application is performing vs the deployment time(s).

Bio Bas:
With an eye of detail looking at the big picture, focus on human interests and design as an function.That's how I like to do stuff. Working with different types of interests and people to make the best out of it is what I like the most. That is the reason I work with Big data because the variety of possibilities! I designed, installed and managed the entire Splunk environment for Rijkswaterstaat. I am also technically strong in building dashboards and the boarding of new data.

In front of the office.