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There is a big Voiceworks logo above the door. If the door is locked (shortly before the event starts), there will be a note on the door with a phone number of someone from Voiceworks who you can call to open the door for you

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17:30 - 18:30 Walk-in
18:00 Food & drinks
18:30 Testing on Production, deep backend edition
19:30 Break
20:00 Gitlab, why we chose it and where we ended up
21:30 Wrapping up

Location, food & drinks brought to you by: Voiceworks / Within Reach

#1 - Mykola Gurov - - Testing on Production, deep backend edition
Testing live isn’t only about A/B testing or canary releases. Those are fascinating, but not always the best - or even applicable - techniques.

This talk is based on my experience of "shifting to the right" testing within the context of back-end systems at (one of the largest online retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium). In particular, the domains of purchasing, logistics and finance, where correctness is often a bigger concern than performance, and recovery might require a bit more than users hitting the refresh button of their browser.

Automated testing before merging to master is great, but it doesn’t cover the unknown. Staging on shared environments tend to be slow, unreliable and costly to support. Just go to Production and learn from the real world by staging safe and efficient experiments!

We will look at techniques as shadow and dry runs, controlled experiments, survival of the fittest. How to apply these techniques to live systems and what to be aware of.

Mykola is a java backend developer (calls himself full-stack). He has a strong interest in CI/CD and everything that helps to move faster without breaking too many things. Within he is known for the popularization of using docker for system integration testing.

#2 - Hans Donner - - Gitlab, why we chose it and where we ended up

Assumptions (the mother of ….), automagical simplification (pinky promise), to baldly go where no man has gone before and entering the land of dragons… That is where reality hits you.
Or, more boring, Gitlab Auto DevOps WTF.

Hans Donner is working at Mijndomein as Lead Ops. Running infra on the cloud and on bare metal, working on lowering the amount of times he gets called out of bed for incidents (I like to sleep in, or “sleep out” in Dunglish), and trying to improve the lives and resumes of developers by migrating to kubernetes and shiny ci/cd tooling and pipelines. Before he moved over to the dark side he was living between bean counters and could perhaps be considered one of them.

You can park all around the building, or at the parking lot of the Gamma building nextdoor. If you park at Gamma, please park at the far end of the parking lot, so we the Gamma customers can park right in front of the Gamma entrance.