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Whether you do my 8-week course or one of my 2-hour workshops,

you will be offered inspiring hands-on tools and many writing exercises to kick-start your writing brain.
This is a great way to meet other friendly writers and build a supportive community.

Can't wait to start writing?
See http://www.taliastone.com for signing up & more information.

Or check out the 2-hour workshops in this meetup; such as Storytelling for Business, Travel Writing, Introduction to Creative Writing and How to Structure your Creative Ideas.

See you soon!

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Workshop Introduction to Creative Writing [full]

BounceSpace Amsterdam

€ 35,00

Do you want to write stories, poems or lyrics, but you are not sure where to start? Then this workshop is perfect for you. In two hours I tickle your writing brain and spark your creativity. With fun exercises and plenty of writing you will be sure to leave with a full notebook and a smile on your face. This workshop is full. You can check for the next ones on Eventbrite, Meetup or on my website www.taliastone.com https://www.eventbrite.com/o/talia-stone-creative-writing-workshops-13618622685

Workshop Storytelling for Business @Zoku

Zoku Amsterdam

€ 50,00

Do you want to learn about the effect of storytelling in a work environment? And more importantly; how to implement it in your job to engage your clients and enhance your business? In over two hours I give you theory and hands-on tools that will give you more insight into the power of storytelling. To sign up for this workshop, you buy your tickets here: https://www.eventbrite.com/o/talia-stone-creative-writing-workshops-13618622685

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Masterclass Screenwriting

BounceSpace Amsterdam