Vorige Meetups

Wat we doen

KSU is a open community of people that want to change the world one word at a time. If you think critically of the world, and want to do something about it, then you will probably be among friends in the KSU community.

We organize monthly public debates (Basta!) and reading groups, we share knowledge, express our thoughts and feelings about the things that motivate us, be it the war in Syria or climate change, and we are passionate doing it!

We do all that in an inspiring, friendly and safe environment. We have no real members, just friends that often attend or participate in the organization of an event and make KSU whatever they want it to be.

Check out our website http://www.kritischestudenten.nl/

or Facebook https://www.facebook.com/kritischestudentenutrecht?ref=aymt_homepage_panel