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New moon is a special energy for the feminine energy. This day we dance the Belly dance, the Sacral Chakra.
Sexuality, enjoy, freedom, sensuality, the goddess in you, and manifest your dreams, that are elements of this dance.

Chakradance is a dance practice for the soul. It is about reconnecting back to our true essence or true self.
In this workshops, our intention is to honor the work of the soul.
So many of us suffer from uncomfortable symptoms in our lives - depressions, aniety, addictions, compulsive behaviors etc.
Basically there is a conflict between or inner and outer lives.

These workshops are a journey inward.
We use spontaneous dance, specific music, creativity and our imaginations to journey through the chakrasystem. This workshop is one of the 9 week cyclus and week / weekend retreat. In combination of the belly dance, we make also a vision board.
What are your wishes, your goals, your dreams?
In this workshop we give attention of what you like to have in your life.
Abundance is for everybody, so believe in it. Miracle's happen !

More information about chakradance you can find on the website / (Dutch)

This workshop is included tea and healthy snacks
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