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This group is for anyone who wants to step out of their comfort zone, who seeks to reconnect with their body and feelings, who leads a stressful life and needs to slow down, who wants to play more with their physicality, who wants dance to flow freely into their daily life.

This group is your safe space, a lab or a playground to start creating awareness and changes.

We play (and work) with dance & movement, rhythm, voice, improvisation and composition, imagination, story making, writing, creative drawing, and other modalities of expressive arts. Facilitated in structured sections as well as free exploration.

No dance experience is required. You are enough.

We cover topics on self-development in a creative, playful, experience-based group format. Because learning needs not to be only by receiving it passively from the teacher. You are invited to be fully involved in your own learning, bringing your own questions and cases, experiencing the topics with others, and crafting your own answers.

"It takes over 400 repetitions to create a synapse in the brain (true learning) without playful engagement. Using play, it takes about 12 repetitions." - Dr. Karyn Purvis

“Tell me and I will forget. Show me and I will remember. Involve me and I will understand.” - old Chinese proverb


Q: Is dance therapy a 'legit' therapy?
A: Yes, I'm member of the Federatie Vaktherapeutische Beroepen and my work is part of the regular mental health care treatment.

Q: Does my health insurance cover dance therapy?
A: Since I do this through my own practice, it falls in the alternative care. If you have extra health insurance (aanvullende verzekering), you may get partial coverage. Check all possible financing possibilities here: https://expat-wellbeing.nl/financing-dance-therapy/

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Deze content is alleen beschikbaar voor leden

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