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Data Science Zwolle, the #datascience community a partner of Data Science London and Amsterdam. We are a non-profit professional organisation dedicated to the free, open, dissemination of data science. We are a community of data scientists that meets regularly to discuss the tools, methods and technologies used by many startups and enterprises to analyse large scale data (big data), obtain predictive insight, and exploit business opportunities from data products. Follow us on twitter @ds_zwl We'll have data scientists talking about topics like: big data analytics, distributed data analytics, Pig, data mining, machine learning, RecSys, Mahout, scalable data analytics, predictive analytics, Cascalog, heuristics, statistical computing, applied statistics, R language, Clojure, Incanter, mass text mining, NLP, large scale analytical paradigms, data science opportunities & challenges, data science learning & training... We'll avoid boring, theoretical presentations with an aim to have interesting, amusing, practical talks showcasing data science applications and data scientists work And we will have free beer and food too :-) If you are interested in Data Science and you'd like to meet data geeks and data scientists from startups who are passionate about data science, come and join us.

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