Data, public space and citizen engagement

Wat we doen

During this first Meetup we focus on open data about issue reporting in public space from the municipality of Utrecht. For 2 1/2 year the City Utrecht collects systematically data. It's available as open data and contains about 130,000 records. This data provides a lot of insights that might help to improve service delivery, create higher citizen engagement and lower maintenance cost for public space. By combining it with other data sources it might also offer new business opportunities.

At Civity we made a start with combining, analyzing and visualizing the data. We will show the results so far. But it is not our aim to develop the new solutions ourselves. Our focus is on providing the data.

The second part of this meetup is meant to discuss new ways of using, analysing and presenting data so that it actually can help cities to improve the quality of living, service delivery and participation. If you already have good examples we are looking forward to hear and show them. Based on the input during this meetup we will prepare interesting examples and projects for the next session.

We finish the Meetup with some drinks and small bites.

The meeting will take place in the The Social Impact Factory in Utrecht in the room Seoul. There is room for 20 participants for this session.