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Deja vu-vu started out as a regular club night, based in Belfast. Since then we have been creating a safe social space for lesbian and bisexual women, on a not for-profit basis. Inspired by the Dublin based Running Amach Meetup group, we have also gone online to make social meet ups happen!

The Deja vu-vu meet up is not a dating site ...it's about getting together to organise and attend social events - music gigs, art exhibits, swimming, cinema, walking, theatre, sport, poker nights, dining out and loads more. Any LBT woman over 18 can sign up, see what social or group events are being organised or organise her own!

It only takes a few minutes to sign up so come on in and join the other "Women who are up for some craic!"


Sharon & Susanne (Site Organisers)

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Here NI Breaking Down Barriers

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Book Club

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Craic'n Coffee

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