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Marcus Hellberg: Building modern web apps in Java

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Elke 2de woensdag van de maand tot 13 augustus 2019

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5:30-6:00: Food, Soda, Beer, and Networking

6:00-6:15: Announcements

6:15-7:45: Building modern web apps in Java (with lots of live coding)

In this presentation, we'll build a reactive chat application with an open source Java stack: Spring Boot, Project Reactor, and Vaadin.

The newly released Vaadin 10 is a next-generation web framework for the JVM. Vaadin boosts developer productivity with an extensive WebComponent library, an intuitive Java API, and automated server-client communication - which means you can build web apps 100% in Java.

About Marcus Hellberg
Marcus is the lead developer advocate at Vaadin, helping developers learn about modern web technologies like Web Components and Progressive Web Applications. You can find him on Twitter @marcushellberg (https://twitter.com/marcushellberg).

7:45: Door Prizes

* IntelliJ IDE License (https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/)
* Pluralsight Subscription provided by DevelopIntelligence (http://www.developintelligence.com/)

8:00: After Meeting Networking

After meeting networking sponsored by Okta (https://developer.okta.com/). We meet at Ale House at Amato’s [masked]th St, Denver, CO 80211).