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DevMotion Meetup
DevMotion Meetup
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Coltbaan 4F · Nieuwegein

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We'll have the DevMotion Meetup banner standing outside :)

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• 17.45: Doors open

• 18.00: Pizza & Drinks

• 18.30: First Talk: Microservices were never so easy (details below)

• 19.15: Break (with Drinks)

• 19.30: Second Talk: Westy Tracking Platform Based on Vert.x, Redis and Angular (details below)

• 20.15: Drinks & Chat

• 21.00: Slowly wrap-up

This DevMotion Meetup will have two talks on Vert.x!

We have the honor of having over no one other than Paulo Lopes, a developer on the actual Vert.x team. Rob Brinkman will give the second talk where both Vert.x and his VW Westy van play the main part in a practical use case using Vert.x.

First Talk: Microservices were never so easy - Paulo Lopes

This talk will be more hands on talk with examples of microservices in Vert.x, and demonstrating how easy it is.

Vert.x 3 is a framework to create reactive applications on the Java Virtual Machine. Vert.x 3 takes the JVM to new levels of performance yet having a small API. It lets you build scalable microservice-based applications transparently distributed and packaged as a single jar file.

Examples will be:

• 4 services that return hello world in 4 different languages, english, dutch, french, spanish

• Show case how discovery works (how do you find the services in the network and similar)

• Finally how the circuit breaker works (to show how to handle failures in a streaming call, e.g : A calls B call C call D and suddenly C is unreachable)

Speaker bio

I'm Paulo and I've used my 10+ years of software development experience writing, rewriting, banging my head against the wall, editing and re-editing high-performance web application to make Vert.x an even more awesome framework. I am also the author of "yoke" and other small open source projects. This is more than a job; I'm on a mission to build fast and faster applications!

Twitter: @jetdrone

Second Talk: Westy Tracking Platform Based on Vert.x, Redis and Angular - Rob Brinkman

Experiencing Europe while traveling with our Volkswagen Westfalia Camper (Westy) is one of the items on top of my bucket list.
It would be great to offer friends and family the possibility to track our adventure in real-time and build up a history of the route we took and the places we visited.

For that purpose I develop a real-time tracking platform using Vert.x, Redis and AngularJS and I equipped the Westy with an online GPS Tracker. This low-cost tracker is equipped with a SIM card and uses GPRS to be online 24/7 generating of continuous stream of information sent to our application.

The realized platform uses Vert.x to handle events published by the tracker(s), stores the history in Redis and visualizes the real-time location and history an a map using AngularJS.

This session will give insight in the modern (reactive) architecture style of the application and a hands on introduction to Vert.x., Redis and AngularJS.

Speaker bio

Rob is one of the founders of JDriven and primarily responsible for the growth and development of both the employees and the company. Because of his passion for technology and track record as developer, architect and nerd he seizes every opportunity he gets to dive into code.

Twitter: @R088

Hope to see you at our second Meetup all about Vert.x!