Sentiment Analysis with Spark and Death to null

DevMotion Meetup
DevMotion Meetup
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This DevMotion will feature two talks of 30 min. There will also be food, drinks, fellow Developers and more than enough time to discuss the interesting topics!


• 17.45: Doors open
• 18.00: Pizza & Drinks
• 18.30: First Talk: Sentiment analysis of social media posts using Apache Spark
• 19.00: Small break
• 19.15: Second Talk: Death to null
• 19.45: Eat cold pizza, drink and discuss talks :)
• 20.30: Slowly wrap-up

First Talk: Sentiment analysis of social media posts using Apache Spark - Niels Dommerholt

Big data is a hot topic and one of the practical applications is sentiment analysis on user submitted content. For companies the awareness of sentiment trends of their user base is of great value.

In this presentation we will give a practical demonstration how we can leverage Spark to analyse a large volume of social media contributions (reddit comments) and demonstrate how we can reduce this data into manageable information.

Apache Spark has shown to be a fast and reliable engine for large scale data processing like this.

We will start with a short high level introduction of how we’re approaching the sentiment analysis. We will show the structure of the data and will be diving into the implementation of our Java code and finally the results of our analysis. Speaker bio Niels Dommerholt
Niels is an experienced software engineer sharing his passion for developing beautiful applications with his colleagues at JDriven. He recently started a blog ( on subjects and challenges he encounters. He is passionate about programming, big data and databases and has worked on large big data projects for clients like ING, Philips, the Dutch Forensic Institute and the Dutch Department of Labour.

Besides sharing his knowledge and passion with colleagues, customers and through his blog he’s also fond of sharing it during highly entertaining and passionate sessions at meetup’s and conferences.

Twitter: @nielsutrecht

Second Talk: Death to null - Ties van de Ven

Most Developers will agree that Immutability is a good concept to adhere to. In reality however, Immutability is scarcely or badly implemented. This presentation will not only show the strength of implementing Immutability in a good way, it will also help you to recognise code patterns where Immutability can be part of the solution.

Speaker Bio Ties van de Ven (Soon)