Cycling VR with IoT & Code Quality Metrics Demystified

DevMotion Meetup
DevMotion Meetup
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This Meetup we'll have two talks. Schedule and more info:


• 17.45: Doors open
• 18.00: Pizza & Drinks
• 18.30: First Talk: A fun and healthy way to learn about ANT+ sensor networks
• 19.15: Small break
• 19.30: Second Talk: Code Quality Metrics Demystified
• 20.15: Eat cold pizza, drink and discuss talks :)
• 21.00: Slowly wrap-up

BigRingVR: A fun and healthy way to learn about ANT+ sensor networks - Ilja Booij

Cycling is fun.
Cycling in the mountains is even more fun, but what do you do when there are no mountains around?
Enter BigRingVR, a virtual cycling application allowing you to ride beautiful Alpine rides from home.

During this presentation I'll explain how BigRingVR is built. I'll zoom in on how the sensors on the
bike send their measurements to BigRingVR and how that input is used to present cyclists with
a life-like simulation.

I'll demonstrate what it looks and feels like to virtually ride up a mountain and you'll get the
opportunity to experience it for yourself.

In our everyday work as developers, we are confronted with various software metrics. What do these numbers mean, how are they calculated? Do these metrics enable us to make better software?

Code Quality Metrics Demystified - Jeroen Resoort

In this talk we investigate the use of software metrics in general and also take a detailed look at several frequently used code quality metrics. We will learn about the meaning and usefulness of metrics such as lines of code, cyclomatic complexity, duplication, package entanglement and unit test coverage.